Time for Giving...


Christmas Lunch

With so many people facing Christmas alone, in poverty or suffering from mental health issues Jolly Tots & Cookies do their bit to bring a little joy and empathy for those who have little to celebrate.
We opened our doors for FREE for the first Christmas Day celebration on December 25th 2015, and have continued this tradition in 2016 and 2017.What started as a plan to open our doors for lonely or vulnerable people to come along for soup/sandwiches and companionship soon grew into a massive community spirited venture.
Not only were we able to provide a full 3 course meal we had assistance from many people in the local community in offering gifts, money, entertainment, prizes, hair dressing and beauty treatments.
It has been truly heart-warming to see how this initiative has grown.  
With thanks to so many amazing and selfless people our Christmas Day event has grown to be bigger and better each year.



Smalls For All


It’s hard to understand just how important wearing a bra is in some cultures. In the West we take so much for granted. However the wonderful charity Smallsforall recognise that many towns in Africa have such extreme poverty that bras are a luxury. Studies have illuminated that women from these towns who by the simple act of wearing a bra suggests a degree of prestige and as such means they are less likely to be raped.
They also highlight how girls are missing out on vital education for a week each month as they do not have sanitary products or pants to wear. They are confined to their home during menstruation because they lack such basic protection.  
Jolly Tots and Cookies helped support these woman by running a collection for bras and pants. This did lead to a rather unorthodox look to the café when the pillars were festooned with a multitude of colourful bras of all shapes and sizes!


Flight to Oz

We held a fund raising campaign to send a grandmother to Australia to meet her grandchild and daughter following a brutal attack to her in her own home. This trip would not have been possible without the generosity of the local community who gave their backing to such a worthy cause. 





Furnish a Home

Several people in the local community have been helped to get a degree of pride when we have helped to furnish their homes. These have included a Single mother fleeing violence with 3 children.  She had absolutely nothing to furnish her home with and required a complete makeover. Another young lady had a serious health condition and required support with furnishing her home.
Others have received help with baby items and equipment.


Additional Needs

Jolly Tots tries to be as inclusive as possible with their play facilities. They have held Free sessions for children with Autism including a Free meal and drinks. The sensory room is a marvellous tool for learning and reward and it appeals greatly to those with additional needs.
This is an area that requires further development and over the coming months more initiatives will be promoted.


School Basketball Court

We donated a £1000.00 to a primary school who used it to build a basketball court in their playground.  This was gratefully received as the school had been broken into and spirits were low.



£500 was donated to the Les Hoey Foundation to send a child to Lapland at Christmas to visit Santa Claus.




All the great deeds above could not be achieved without the marvellous support of some very inspiring individuals who go above and beyond to help make this a better world.

We hope to grow on these foundations to turn these charitable and giving acts into a formal charity institution. Plans are underfoot to make the formal application.